Should I Buy a Heat Pump or an Air Conditioner?

heat pump
Coke vs. Pepsi. Microsoft vs. Apple. Batman vs. Superman……Air conditioners vs. heat pumps? Believe it or not, this is a major rivalry in the HVAC world with widely disputed opinions. So which is best for your home? Read on for Andersen’s guide to the heat pump vs. air conditioner debate.

Central air conditioning benefits

A central HVAC system will use an air conditioner, furnace and ductwork to provide heating and cooling solutions for the home. Central air is particularly effective in the winter, as gas-operated furnaces can provide reliable heat regardless of outside temperatures. In addition, during especially cold winters, a gas furnace can save you money compared to a heat pump.

What is a heat pump?

So what’s the difference between an air conditioner and a heat pump? Well, while traditional HVAC systems use separate cooling and heating elements, heat pumps combine all functions into one unit. Heat pumps use the same technology found in air conditioners to transfer heat both into and out of the home, so they operate dually as AC units and heating systems.

Do I Need a Heat Pump in My Charlotte Home?

Heat pumps do offer advantages over traditional HVAC systems. They are highly efficient and can significantly lower your energy bills. This really makes a difference during colder months. Because heat pumps don’t use gas fuel, your heating costs are much lower than they would be with a gas furnace. In addition, heat pumps come in ductless models, which are ideal for efficient HVAC zoning or older homes. However, while heat pumps are perfect for typical mild Charlotte winters, they’re not so great for extreme cold periods. When temperatures dip below freezing, the heat pump must use supplemental heat to warm the home, which can send energy bills skyrocketing.

If you’re choosing a new HVAC system for your home, call Andersen Heating & Cooling. We’ll assess your home’s needs to find the perfect air conditioner or heat pump for you. Call today!