Free Second Estimate

2nd-quoteUh oh.. Your air conditioner is broken and the house is getting hot. After calling the first HVAC company you could find, the estimate they provided is more than you thought… They already charged you money to even get the estimate, so what can you do now?

This scenario is all too familiar with customers we talk to. People get an estimate by a company who is there to take their money and move to the next job. Well, it’s different here at Andersen Heating & Cooling. We want people to be comfortable in their homes, prove our extensive knowledge of HVAC systems to our community and ensure everyone has a working air conditioner!

So What’s The Deal?

Andersen Heating & Cooling will offer a FREE Second Opinion on repairs to your HVAC system! Simply produce an invoice from another company showing the date you were seen and we will waive the $89 diagnostic fee, whether or not you use us for your repairs!

Get A 2nd Opinion

 Free 2nd HVAC Opinion