Should I Close My Air Vents This Winter in Charlotte, NC?

air vents
Homeowners in the Charlotte area are always looking for ways to lower winter heating costs. You don’t want to waste energy heating unused rooms of your home, so why not close those air vents? Andersen Heating & Cooling has a few reasons why you should always leave your vents open.

Closing air vents raises energy costs in Charlotte, NC

This may seem counterintuitive. Isn’t it a waste to heat rooms that don’t need it? Actually, the opposite is true. Your heating system is designed to heat the entire home, regardless of which vents are open. When you close a vent, that room becomes colder, and the heating system works even harder to try to bring it up to the set temperature. Closing air vents increases energy costs by overworking the heating system.

Air vents should be open to prevent damage

Along with providing heat to the home, air vents are designed to release the air pressure from inside the ductwork. When vents are closed, that pressure builds up, potentially causing damage to the HVAC system. Increased air pressure can create cracks and holes in the ductwork. It can also cause your furnace’s heat exchanger to crack. Leave all air vents open to prevent extensive damage to your home’s heating system this winter.

Zoned HVAC from Andersen Heating & Cooling

So if closing vents won’t improve your heating system’s efficiency, what will? For many Charlotte homeowners, the answer lies with zoned HVAC. HVAC zoning allows for individual temperature and humidity controls for different areas, or zones, of the home. This is achieved without closing vents and increasing air pressure. A programmable thermostat installed by Andersen Heating & Cooling will deliver maximum zoning capabilities, saving you money this winter.

Call Andersen Heating & Cooling today to see what zoned HVAC can do for you this winter.