Ways to Stay Cool When Your Air Conditioner Goes Down in Charlotte, NC

by AndersenEMS on 31 May 2019 under Air Conditioning, Blog, Tips and Advice Use a fan when your AC goes out in Charlotte

Home ownership is one of the milestones of life. But, it’s expensive, time-consuming, and responsibility-laden. The endless list of chores can seem overwhelming. Inevitably, something is forgotten and something breaks down. It happens to all of us. Unfortunately, your air conditioner usually breaks down at the most inopportune time –…

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Why Is My AC Unit Blowing Warm Air?

by AndersenEMS on 16 May 2018 under Air Conditioning Why-is-my-ac-unit-blowing-warm-air?-Andersen-Heating-Cooling

When the weather begins to warm, the last thing you want is to have your AC unit blowing warm air. So why does this happen, and what can you do about it? Andersen Heating & Cooling has the answers. Thermostat still set to HEAT The first thing you should check…

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Is Ductless HVAC Right for My Home?

by AndersenEMS on 24 March 2018 under Air Conditioning, Heating, Tips and Advice ductless HVAC

Shopping for a new heating and cooling system can be tough. Along with the various models and sizes, there are also central and ductless HVAC systems. So which one is right for your home? Andersen Heating & Cooling has the answers. Ductless HVAC vs. central heating & cooling The traditional…

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