Why Is My Charlotte, NC Heating Bill so High?

by Will Merritt on 15 October 2016 under Blog

If you’re like many Charlotte, NC homeowners, you dread the rise in energy bills brought about by winter. Cold weather naturally calls for more use of the heating system, resulting in higher energy costs. But do your bills seem to be exceptionally high? The team at Andersen Heating & Cooling…

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Why Does My Charlotte, NC Heating System Smell Strange?

by Will Merritt on 7 October 2016 under Blog Heating System Smell

 It won’t be long before it’s time to turn off the A/C and blast the heat in the Charlotte area. For many homeowners, turning on the heat means more than keeping the house comfortable in colder months. It can signal the arrival of strange, unpleasant smells. Foul odors can range…

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