Heating Issues?

Keep your home warm all Winter long with Andersen!

Need a repair on your furnace or heat pump? Andersen Heating & Cooling provides heating repairs and service on all makes and models in Charlotte, NC. If your furnace, heat pump or heating system needs service, our certified technicians have the know-how to analyze, adjust or repair your HVAC system so that you are warm and comfortable. Maintain your heating system’s peak performance by having one of our certified technicians do annual pre-season check-ups. Our maintenance program will also extend the life of your heating system, as well as increase the energy efficiency of the unit. When your heating system is encountering problems, it is time to call a professional technician to evaluate and diagnose the problem.

Heating & Furnace Repairs

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Are you wearing multiple layers of clothing in your home because you cannot get comfortable during the colder months? Our heating repair solutions will keep you comfortable year round with precise temperature control, improved air quality and higher efficiency which in turn will save you money. We take great pride in our ability to create the perfect indoor climate for our valued customers. Our friendly technicians are certified and trained to diagnose and repair problems with your furnace or heat pump- no more heaters, layers, and blankets in your home this Winter!

We Repair All Brands

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& More!

Furnace and Heating Replacements & Installations

New heat pump replacement

Aging furnaces and heating systems may be the reason that your utility bills are getting higher. When you replace your old system with a new, energy efficient HVAC system, you will receive the benefits of a more comfortable indoor environment and savings on your energy bills. Leaky, older systems can also emit carbon monoxide into your home, so a replacement is not a decision to put off. When it comes time to purchase a replacement heating system, our HVAC specialist will provide a free consultation and detailed quote for a new furnace or heating system. There are multiple solutions available, and our knowledgeable heating specialist will go over all of the options with you to find the right fit for your home. We have affordable financing programs to make it easier for you to buy a more efficient system that will provide energy savings, healthy indoor air quality, and comfort for you and your family.

Why Should I Replace My Furnace/Heater?

Energy Efficiency

New units have Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (or SEER) requirements much higher than before, which is the ratio of heating power to energy used in an HVAC unit. Not only are these units better for heating your home and keeping you comfortable, they are greener and environmentally friendly! Give Andersen Heating & Cooling a call to determine if the time is right for an HVAC unit replacement.

Air Quality

Aside from efficiency, air quality is another factor to consider when deciding if a replacement is right for your home. Studies show that the air inside your home can sometimes be more harmful than the air outside. This is caused from an inefficient HVAC system and poor filtration. A new heating unit will ensure an optimum level of air quality that is safe for the whole family.

HVAC Maintenance Solutions

Andersen Heating & Cooling recommends an annual maintenance visit for your cooling or heating system to make sure that all of the controls, connections and parts are working properly and do not have any leaks or damage. Keeping your system running efficiently will also improve your indoor air quality. With regular maintenance, the life of your HVAC system will be prolonged and costly repairs will be reduced. This includes seasonal maintenance tune ups twice a year, credits through us, AND a 15% discount on repairs that may become necessary. Call our office today to schedule your annual maintenance. We value your time and provide prompt service at convenient hours.

Andersen Heating & Cooling

If you have any more questions, check out Mr. Andersen’s Tips to see what Mr. Andersen says about the common problems we encounter. Andersen Heating & Cooling is here to solve your HVAC problems and keep you comfortable all Winter long.